Preview of Prize #1 of the Epic Journey Home

Good morning from Cathay Pacific's The Wing lounge at Hong Kong! What a lovely day to be munching some of The Noodle Bar's won ton soup whilst enjoying my favourite blog…

I'll start writing the first part of the trip report on my way down to Singapore. (Though I'll tell you now, I was knackered on the TPE-HKG flight  and spent most of it sleeping!)

Anyway, for my competition I'm running all week, as promised I picked up a little souvenir along the way, and I'll be continuing to do so all the way to Amsterdam. I wanted to show you the first prize though

 I've got another 30 mins before I need to board, though annoyingly it's on the other side of the airport. I'll have a look for some similar Hong Kong souvenirs for you.

Happy Monday!


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