Quick tip: Avoiding KLM’s upcoming checked baggage fees

KLM will be introducing checked-in baggage fees starting 14th May 2013. I mentioned in my post that there's a possibility that even the lowest level Flying Blue members might be able to avoid the charge.

Well, one of my friends emailed me to have a rant about the change, but inadvertently provided the conclusive proof I needed to back my claim up.

Here's the email they sent her. (highlighting my own):

Dear Miss [Removed by PTBM]

KLM recently announced that it will be changing its baggage policy for European flights. For tickets booked as from 22 April 2013, check-in baggage will be a paid option for all passengers travelling in Economy Class.

An exception to this rule has been made for our valued Flying Blue Ivory members like yourself. You can check in one item of baggage free of charge, adding further to the benefits of your Flying Blue membership.

The choice to check in baggage will become part of a range of flight options. It is also possible to expand your booking with options such as a seat in Economy Comfort or soon lounge access to the KLM Crown Lounge. This way KLM offers you the chance to customise your trip based on your personal preferences.

Fare reductions to European destinations
For a large number of European destinations, KLM is reducing its lowest available fares to €99 for a return flight. This expands the range of destinations available at this price within Europe to over 30 locations.

Click here for more information on check-in baggage

We hope to see you on board soon

So there it is in writing. Ivory members, the lowest Flying Blue tier, can get free checked luggage. So if you find yourself flying intra-European flights on KLM after 22nd April, don't forget to sign up for a Flying Blue account if you haven't got one already and check into your flight with your Flying Blue number.

There's no guarantee this next trick will work, or the gate agent will allow it if she sees you've checked in a bag: If you want to credit your flights to another FFP, once you've gone through check-in, just ask the gate agent to change your FFP number on your boarding pass to the one you usually use. If all things go to plan, you should receive your normal mileage and have scored free luggage.


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