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I've actually known about free  Regus Gold membership for a while, and it's very often offered as part of a deal between one of many loyalty programmes, including but not limited to: Priority Club, American Airlines, MileagePlus….even the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has its own free offering.

Regus is one of the world's largest temporary office space companies and even if you paid the full price for the annual membership, currently at ?500 per year (?35 per month plus VAT) it's still a very solid offering. This is very useful for mobile business people. (Or maybe you just want to drop in to have a quick cup of tea!)

Head for Points' article a few days ago inspired me to dig around for some current free codes, and promotional code UKPFSB appears to be working [Sorry, this code is no longer working] (I sourced it from here) and gives Gold status for 12 months. Just enter the code in this signup link, and make sure you cancel before your 12 months are up otherwise you'll be invoiced with the annual renewal fee!

Enjoy another free gold status!


    • Regus aren’t airport lounges. Consider them to be akin to hotel executive lounges. They provide office spaces and meeting rooms in cities which also have more casual sitting and chatting areas.

  1. This link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. The code gets an erros message “membership details not found”. Any ideas on codes tha might still be valid?

  2. My free BusinessWorld membership has given me access to some great Regus lounges in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and London (Mayfair). I primarily go there for hi-speed WiFi and most lounges deliver on that. It’s a good place to work for a couple of hours.

    • Ironically, having been Regus Gold for around 2 years now, I’ve never used them! I’m hoping one day there’ll be an occasion to though.

      Do you have any other tips or comments about the lounges you’ve used?

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