British Airways Club World sale from Mainland Europe, book by 26th June 2013

British Airways have loaded a very short sale in their Club World business class seats. Here's the link to the sale page.

You don't have long though. Fares must be booked by 26th June 2013, and outbound travel must be between 25th June 2013 to 30th September 2013 and even earlier for some routes Minimum stay is one Saturday evening and maximum stay is 3 months.

These fares don't apply to journeys departing from the UK though, and are sometimes affectionately known as ex-EU fares by the Flyertalk masses. There's even a dedicated post on how to search the fares on ITA Matrix, which I also cover in my tutorials.

In my experience Milan Malpensa (MXP) is consistently cheap during sales. Purely in terms of price per mile, some of the stand-out fares are:

Milan — Vancouver €1801

Milan — Shanghai/Beijing €1879

Though Amsterdam (AMS) seems to be having a solid offering this time too:

Amsterdam — Vancouver €1861

Amsterdam — Seoul €1911

Amsterdam — Tokyo €1966

Don't forget that if you're coming from London to take advantage of these fares, it's pretty easy to do a straight turnaround at AMS as you walk straight into the departures gate area without clearing passport control and can mingle with the next set of departing passengers. 

If you can be a little more creative with your journey, you can build in some open jaws such as this Athens to Los Angeles to Rome journey.

BA ex-EU sale June 2013

Though it's not the greatest value on a price-per-tier-point basis, you could try to maximise this further. Since transatlantic routes by British Airways are governed by MPM ticketing rules, you can try to add in a few long-winded connections.

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