5000 Tesco clubcard points (12 000 Avios) for buying £60 life insurance

There's a new promotion from Tesco to get 5000 Clubcard points when you buy their life insurance. It's changed compared to the last time if was offered and now there's a more staggered earning structure.

tesco bank


Now you get 1 250 points every quarter for 4 consecutive quarters. To receive payment you need to maintain your monthly premium payments, with a minimum of £5 per month. If you miss any payments you will surrender the outstanding Clubcard points from the promotion. So for maximum benefit just cancel after 12 months having paid £60 in total.

5 000 Clubcard points transfers into 12 000 Avios or 13 000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles. To get the life insurance, here is the link. The promotional code required is P4L5K 





  1. There seems to be a good transfer ratio from Tesco to Avio. How does one earn a lot of Tesco points other than buying life insurance?

    • There are some in-store methods such as paying a £5 deposit for an Xbox game which gives 1000 Clubcard points (2400 Avios) and then not buy the game afterwards.

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