Iberia’s new logo…drops the Spanish Crown!

From Spanish newspaper El Pais, starting 15th October 2013, Iberia will use a new logo, and slowly roll out its new livery onto their aircrafts. Here's the new version:

Iberia new logo


And here's the old:

iberia old


Well other than making things a little curvier, I don't really see the 21st century appeal of the new logo. I'm not one to decipher hidden meanings of visual arts, but does dropping the crown from the logo symbolise the move towards republicanism?!



  1. While there is rising republicanism in Spain, probably the real reason is that Iberia is no longer a national company, but rather a private one.

  2. the old logo had some positive hope of wishful thinking legacy; the new one looks totally discount airline, makes AA’s NEW one look almost classic.

  3. Shame. I think the old logo is much more impressive. The type face conveyed an image of strength and the crown added an aura of upper class.

  4. I like the old Iberia logo. Bold and solid. Why are they spending all this money on repainting aircrafts, ordering new stationary, airport signage etc. Esp when they are loosing so much of it each day.

  5. Last time I checked, KLM still carries the stylized crown on its logo and it’s a public company now….So that argument is moot !

    • Take the crown out of KLM’s logo and you might as well start thinking of a new name for the airline… KLM is an acronym for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij which translates to Royal Aviation Society.

  6. Another white airplane with an uninspired cereal box logo like AA. Yawn…makes the planes easy to repaint once they go bankrupt! Another sign of a failing company that spends all its money on cosmtics when it is going under

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