290 Avios (maybe more) using the “Avios Suitcase” Facebook app

Another 290 Avios are up for grabs from one of their Facebook initiatives, Avios Suitcase.

Avios Suitcase

There are different “Stickers” which you collect, involving linking your Avios account to the Facebook page, liking Avios' Facebook page, and sharing something on your wall. Don't forget that if you don't want to clog up your wall you can retro-actively set the visibility the post so only you see it.

I'm being told some people are offered 270 Avios, and some people are offered up to 390 Avios. My maximum was 290, which got transferred overnight after linking my account. Then I deleted the app after I saw I received it! Maybe some time in the future I'll re-install it once they know what to do with it!


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  1. agree with the first post, this doesn’t seem to be working for all people. My Avios/Exec club number is eight digits, and this FB thing is calling for an acct number with 16 digits.

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