Beginners’ Quiz #1. How many will you get right?

I had this new idea of doing a quiz to keep readers on their toes. There are no prizes, but hopefully it'll reinforce some knowledge you know, or find ways to gather ones you don't!

If anyone needs any individual help, I suggest you put your question in the comments below, and so everyone can help each other out. If you do spot someone needing help please don't give the answer away, but try to steer them in the right direction.

If this idea goes well maybe I'll add some more in the future. Model answers will be put here in an update (not a separate post) in the evening of Tuesday 5th November 2013, so you will need to check this page again to see how you did.

So without further ado, let's begin the inaugural Points to be Made Beginners' Quiz. There'll be a few easy questions, and one stinker. I'm genuinely more interested your method, not the answer, but I want to make sure everyone knows how to at least find it, or work it out. If you get the answer correct at least I know you've done the right calculation!

Q1: How many airlines are currently members of Star Alliance?

Q2: What is the name of the frequent flier programme of Hawaiian Airlines?

Q3: How many flights per week does Air France currently operate from Paris, France to Sao Paolo, Brazil?

Q4: What is the three letter IATA airport code of Weeze Airport in Germany?

Q5: How many American Airlines AAdvantage miles do I need for a non-stop, one-way flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific's Business Class?

Q6: How many eligible flights would it take to become a Skyteam Elite Plus on the airline that runs Golden Lotus Plus?

Q7: If I flew only U class tickets on Aegean Airlines between Athens (ATH) and Paris (CDG), how many flights would it take me to reach Star Alliance Gold if I credited the miles to Asiana Airlines? (Hint: use GCMap)

Q8: I am currently a Gold member of Hilton HHonors with 5 000 base points and 15 000 HHonors points in my account. If I spend €800 (excluding tax) on a hotel room, and select “points and points” as my earning preference, how many base points and HHonors points will I have my stay? Assume €1 = $1.3USD.

Q9: I currently have 100 000 SPG points and 100 000 IHG points. If I wanted to stay near the centre of Warsaw, Poland, and only a hotel of one of these two programmes, which would give me more nights at standard redemption rates? No changes of hotels allowed, and exclude promotional redemption rates or other discounts in your calculation. (Hint, use AwardMapper)

Q10: I have just opened a new British Airways Executive Club account with a Tier Point collection year of 9th November 2013 to 8th November 2014. All the trips I intend to make within this year, in the order presented, are:

  • 15x Amsterdam to London (LHR) round trip marketed and operated by British Airways booked into O fare bucket
  • 3x Madrid to London (LHR) round trip marketed by British Airways and operated by Iberia booked into I fare bucket
  • 3x London City (LCY) to New York (JFK) round trip in their special A318 Business Class booked into J fare bucket

If I start with 0 Avios and 0 Tier Points, excluding any promotions, at what membership tier (blue, bronze, silver, gold) will I be on 8th November 2014, and how many Avios will I have in total? You should use the official Avios calculator.

You can put your answers in the comments below, and try your best to answer the latter questions. If you're stuck you can leave a comment asking for help (don't worry that you can see other people's answers).

I'm also looking for feedback on whether this quiz was the right difficulty, whether it was fun, whether it took too long, if there's anything else you think could improve it, or whether I should cancel it altogether. Any feedback basically!


  1. N.b. For question 10 on BAEC tier point membership years:

    I think the year should given as 9th Nov 2013 to 8th Nov 2014. (Not 7th 2013 to 8th 2014).

    Flights flown on the 8th should be counted for the year that is ending on the 8th. Flights flown departing on the 9th should go into the next year that is begining.

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