Well not quite… I don't mean to put you off entirely!

I'm not aware of the media coverage outside The Netherlands, so you may or may not be aware that it's the Nuclear Security Summit next week, where many presidents and prime ministers of countries across the world will converge about 10mins from my front door in The Hague.


Disruptions are expected to hit Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (heck they've even closed down their primary runway for over a month to use it as a plane park for the presidents), and also Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. During 16th-28th March 2014, aircrafts will require special permission to fly over Dutch airspace. As a result (which Delta Points has flagged up ), KLM will be offering free changes to your ticket to try to alleviate the problem slightly.

The residents of The Hague are in semi-panic mode as they are closing shops for the two days and closing off the highways all around.

As a London boy myself, it amuses me to think what would happen if an Olympic Games arrived on their front door…




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