20% BA discount on (premium) economy flights departing France

Another 20% discount has cropped up for British Airways, a delight for my French readers, especially since you have to put up with one of the worst airports in Europe —Paris Charles de Gaulle.


This time your country of departure must be France and all segments must be marketed by BA, although they can be operated by any of British Airways, American Airlines. This means that if you are flying to North America you can potentially fly to Madrid then onwards to USA without setting foot in London or on a BA plane. If you want to go to South America, then you may find Iberia is cheaper after the discount. Some solid discounts are attainable if you fly to Asia/Africa/Australasia.

The voucher is valid until 31st March 2014, and so long as your outbound flight is before 15th June 2014. You can redeem the voucher for flights in Euro Traveller (ET), World Traveller (WT) or World Traveller Plus (WT+) classes, or a combination of the three. 

The promotional code that you need to use when buying your flight on britishairways.com is BA2ZBGY6V0F and it subtracts 20% off the total ticket price, including taxes and surcharges. American Airlines operates daily services from Paris (ORY) to New York (JFK) or Paris (CDG) to New York (JFK), Chicago, Miami, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Boston (only between 12th June to 18th August 2014) which makes transatlantic travel on Oneworld incredibly easy…unlike those who have to put up with the lesser half of the Air France/KLM partnership — C'est la vie!


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