“Get yourself the Traveller’s Dream Job” — The Swiss Explorer

Well let's see if the content lives up to its headline…Swiss Airlines are offering a job to “try out everything”. From in flight food, lounges, cabin service, hotels, restaurants etc. You can blog about your experience and get to live the high life. In other words you'll get to be Ben Schlappig

Swiss Explorer

Here is the link to the job posting, and I have included the video advertisement below. Your application will need to be submitted by 28th May 2014.

Still interested? The instructions to enter:

If you would like to be a SWISS Explorer, send us a letter of application (including salary requirements), your CV, a travel report and a video portrait of yourself. The video is your opportunity to win points with the jury and at the public vote. You'll also be able to share your application video with your friends on Facebook so they can vote for you. The three candidates with the most votes will receive a wildcard, and will go on to the next round. For that, they will be invited to an official job interview with SWISS in Kloten. Every voter will also have the opportunity to win one of 10 European flights for 2 people.

In addition to the 3 direct candidates, the jury will select 7 other candidates who will also be invited to a personal interview.

In the final stage of the application, the 3 finalists will be given a task to perform to demonstrate their skills and abilities. The SWISS Explorer will then be chosen by means of a final public vote, where once again there will be European flights to be won.

As fun as it sounds, if you do apply,  don't forget it's a job, not a vacation!! Don't expect to slack off and sleep in because you can't be bothered to try out a restaurant for breakfast, or to skip blog posts because it's taken you longer than you thought to get a photo.

With the warning above comes another piece of advice. Don't undervalue yourself so you can get the job! I am certain that there'll be plenty of people who will apply and (rather foolishly) put a salary requirement of zero, but be true to yourself and don't forget all those bills you need to pay back home.



    • Peter I have removed your comment because you need to apply to Swiss Airlines directly, not to me. You should not put personal information here.

  1. Hello my name is Flavia Vassallo. I am Argentinean-Swiss and American by adoption since my dad lives in the USA. I have entered the Swiss Explorer Competition that ends on June 1st, 2014.

    The Swiss Explorer winner will be able to visit 120 countries and my job will be to create stories and articles about the people, culture and culinary traditions. As Steve Jobs has said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This is my dream job to explore, and discover the beauty of this world.

    In order to get to the final selection, I need your help. I need your vote, in fact, 4500 votes to make it to the final. Please, vote for me (it takes just a click –one second- in the link below) and if you wish watch my video:


    Feel free to forward this email and reach out to your contacts in Social Media.

    Thank you very much for your support and assistance.

    Yours truly,

    Flavia Vassallo


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