Miles and More “Mileage Bargains”, bookable until 31st May 2014.

Lufthansa are running a promotion to compete head to head against the Flying Blue promo awards as posted yesterday. I'd written up on a similar Lufthansa offer in October last year.



Here is the link to the current promotion. You need to book by 31st May 2014, and many of the tickets have restrictions on travel dates.

I don't know who copied who for this promotion, but the winner of the outstanding fare goes to Washington Dulles once again, which can be booked into Lufthansa Business Class for 55 000 miles plus taxes, fees and service charges. Tokyo Haneda comes a close second pricing out at 70 000 miles plus taxes etc. Unfortunately Lufthansa are one of the worst offenders in fuel surcharges so expect the cash component of the ticket to be sky high.

It's been a while since I booked an award ticket on LH, and since I don't have enough miles in my account to check, I need someone's help to confirm my suspicion that their award ticket fuel surcharge prices are actually higher than their revenue prices? Here's the screenshot of an Amsterdam to Tokyo Haneda itinerary. Outbound 10th September 2014, inbound 24th September 2014. If someone could price out the same itinerary as an award ticket, then tell me the fuel surcharge being quoted, I'd be very grateful:



Thanks for any help!


  1. It appears the “only” real value in LH miles as a non-elite is on a UA domestic FC on a two class aircraft…………at 35k and no fuel surcharges……….

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