Quicktip: 6000 Lufthansa miles for a Sunday newspaper subscription

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung is offering 6 000 Miles and More miles for paying for 13 weeks of subscription for €39.90. You need to purchase your subscription by 31st May 2014.



This offer works out to be 0.67 eurocents per mile, which is fairly decent as European air miles go.

To buy into the deal, here is the link. The application form is in German. The web form requires that your Miles and More account and the delivery address to be the same and in Germany. My suggestion is to find a friend in Germany who is willing to lend you his (home or office) address for a few months, then cancel your subscription after 13 weeks!

Though it's not advised for this deal, as you really don't want to have things delivered, you can potentially buy a foreign address like my article here describes.


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