Quicktip: 8000 Avios for subscription to The Economist

Similar to my Sunday newspaper subscription deal yesterday, you can get 8000 Avios points when subscribing to The Economist.

1391591092_Iberia_Plus_bannerThe cheapest subscriptions are those in Canada or the US, where it is $165CAD and $160USD, 109.60EUR and 115.40EUR respectively, per year. To maximise this offer, once your points post, you can cancel your subscription and receive a pro-rata refund.

You can also get a digital or print only subscription for $130CAD or $127USD, 86.37EUR and 91.60EUR respectively. This would give you 6000 points points instead of 8000.

You will need to have an account with Iberia Plus in order to receive your Avios. Once you get them, you can combine them with any British Airways Avios you have.

(H/T Raffles)




  1. Are you sure about the pro rata refund? I can’t find it mentioned on the ordering page. I know SAS had a similar offer where the pro rata refund option specifically did NOT apply…

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