Global entry for UK citizens now fully live.

Last month it was announced Global Entry for UK citizens will be opened on 3rd December 2015. As they promised, the Home Office today launched their background check process to the general public. You can access the link here.

Global Entry logo


If you want more information about what Global Entry is, here is the official website.

I truly think it is one of the best initiatives the Customs and Border Protection have made post-9/11 as it does assist your travels and makes connections under 3 hours from international flights more possible. It also allows you to enter their pre-check service which means you have a separate line when queuing for security checks at departure, and you can leave your shoes and jacket on while keeping your fluids and laptop inside your bag. (Maybe the UK can learn from this!)

For a total cost of £42 plus $100USD, and a short confirmatory interview in the USA when you next visit, it is excellent value I believe.

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