Reminder: British Airways, Easyjet and Virgin Terminal changes at Gatwick!

This post is to remind everyone that British Airways is changing from the North Terminal to the South Terminal at London Gatwick Airport next week. For more information see the official BA press release here, and Gatwick Airport release here.


There are a couple of exceptions to BA flights which move to the South Terminals early.

BA2273 Gatwick to JFK (departs 17:05) – this has already moved!

BA2612 Gatwick to Naples (departs 14:30) – starting 19th January 2017.

The change will be good news to BA passengers who take the train to Gatwick, as the railway station is at the South Terminal, thus removing the need to take their skytrain the change terminals. This should take off around 10 minutes from your journey time each direction.

British Airways will be trading places with Easyjet who have decided to have all flights departing from one terminal rather than having them separate as before. Also Virgin Atlantic will be shifting to the North Terminal.

To summarise:

19th January 2017: BA2612 to Naples departs from South Terminal

24th January 2017: All Easyjet flights depart from North Terminal

25th January 2017: All BA flights depart from South Terminal. All Virgin flights depart from North Terminal.



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