RUMOUR: US soon to impose electronics ban to flights from UK and Europe?

The title says it all, but the question mark says the most.

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The Guardian sprung up a surprise today saying the current electronics ban may soon apply to flights from European airports, though do not specify which. The article implies UK is on the list, but there is no official statement anywhere and I do not expect such a statement to come through until just a few days before any such ban is being introduced.

One Whitehall source suggested to the Guardian that although it was not certain that the ban would be extended to the UK, the US was considering doing so.

Let's not forget a couple of key aviation security incidents in the modern era. The UK was home to Richard Reid, the bomber who tried to detonate explosives hidden in his shoe on a flight from Paris to Miami. It is also home to those who attempted to smuggle bombs disguised in liquid containers, which sees us restricted to containers less than 100ml even 11 years on.

In the current US administration, I cannot rule anything out, especially in the name of ‘security'. Executive orders, green card holders being denied entry, Global Entry being revoked for certain individuals. You name it and I would not be surprised.

So, should we speculate or not? While there is little of substance yet, the implications of such a ban would be HUGE for everyone, not least the thousands of business travellers crossing the Atlantic every day of the year.

What do you think? Are we likely to see a ban soon? And if we are, how would you be affected?


  1. “In the current US administration, I cannot rule anything out, especially in the name of ‘security’.”

    Or the previous administration, or the previous administration to that or prior to that….. This is nothing new in the states. A lot of our rights have been revoked in the name of “security” don’t be naive enough to think it’s just happening now with this administration.

  2. That would mean the end of my travels to the USA. For sure I will not put an expensive camera equipment in a piece of luggage that can be opened by TSA without even letting me know.

  3. I would then fly to Canada and drive the border. Or better Mexico and jump over the new wall !!!

    Just stupid. The risk of a bomb is much less as having a battery on fire. On thing for sure. I will remove any SD cards from camera and HDD from laptop so TSA cannot copy it. Thats what they want of course. Big brother!

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