UK Visa and Immigration to charge just to email them!

Contacting the UK Visas and Immigration agency just got a little more expensive. Starting recently (exact date unknown) The UKVI have begun to charge people £5.48 just to email them. According to their website:

This is despite:

  • Regularly ignoring the 6 month time limit to decide EEA-route applications, with some applications taking over one year. This was pre-Brexit, and it's now a lot worse.
  • Charging £65 for a UK residence card under EEA treaty rules and being completely opaque about how they arrived at that number.
  • The Home Office unlawfully denying Treaty rights to EEA citizens who gained UK citizenship 
  • Already charging £1.37 per minute on top of the standard network fees for telephone calls.

I have had nothing but bad experiences trying to contact the UKVI. They appeared to not know many of the UK laws and told me to apply for things like an EEA Family Permit for my partner even though this was confirmed to be illegal by the European Court of Justice, a case which brought significant media publicity. (There was no actual change in EU laws in that case – the UK just blatantly ignored Article 5, paragraph 2. You can see what to do here.)



  1. You should see fees for non EU citizens.They’re extortionate and are only going to get worse. Thank God we only have 1 more to do.

  2. Yes it amazing . I called the visa help line when helping my wife visa. They charge one pound 37 p a min. And now they even want a 20 pound payment before they start the per min charge. A total rip of

  3. My husband is in the process of trying to get his visa. They do not email back within 2 working days, will charge you again when you try to call them and any follow up emails are charged again at £5.48! It’s clear the people have no idea what is going on and are absolutely no help on the phone. All they say is to refer to the website. It seems all they can do is cause extreme stress to families who are trying to live together.

    • Sting the UKVI with credit card chargebacks as they have breached their contract to reply within 2 days. Please also report this to the watchdog

  4. Visa applications to the UK are an absolute rip off. Over the last few years they have increased over 400% plus additional charges. No wonder we are called RIP OFF BRITAIN

  5. I am from a Non EU country and a French resident. I had to request a VISA from France for business purposes. On top of the fact I had to pay a fortune (because I am staying a day and had to apply for a less than 6 months visa for 105Euros) I had a meeting scheduled and I was told when arriving to their center that it was mandatory that I pay 80 euros for a so called premium lounge (when there is no premium service at all and even worst because the person handling my file failed to enter it in the system and had me sitting there for over an hour before I realize that this was not normal and had to flag it !!! for me to finally be considered). On the bill it is indicated as a walk in service when in fact I had an appointed. I have also noticed other people paid the same price regardless they had a scheduled meeting or not . when I flagged it the answer was it s mandatory!!! OK!!
    because I was travelling I had to keep my passport. To do so I had to pay another 60.3 euros to keep my passport !!!)
    Some other people to have a return under 15 days had to pay over 200Euros on top of the visa fee and their so called walk in premium lounge thing
    I ve never experienced such things with other countries where I need visas ( for ex USA or CAN) it’s outrageous!!! never was fond of the UK but now i’ll just say no comment

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