Earn 500 Avios for 1st time Deliveroo customers, or per £100 for existing customers

If you ever order home-delivered food, you may have heard of Deliveroo. If not, and you are feeling hungry or in desperate need of some beverages then Deliveroo is probably good way to satisfy your needs.

There is an offer running at the moment which will be of good news to our UK-based readers.

If you have not used Deliveroo before, you have the opportunity to earn 500 Avios with your first purchase, which must be over £15 before any service or delivery charges. After that, if you are an existing customer you will earn 500 Avios for every cumulative £100 you spend until 1st September 2017.

To participate, you will need to use the Deliveroo app, or order via their website, making sure you enter the promotional code “AVIOSUK” at the checkout page. When you earn your 500 Avios you will be emailed a voucher from Deliveroo which will allow you to claim your Avios until 1st November 2017.

The full terms and conditions can be found on this Deliveroo page.




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