Qatar Airways free A380 First Class upgrades for flights out of Frankfurt to selected destinations – limited availability!

As part of their celebrations to launch their A380 from Frankfurt, Qatar Airways, the perennial favourite of many Oneworld frequent flyers, is offering an interesting ‘upgrade lottery'.

Only the first 10 business class bookings will be upgraded to first class (the promotional material is actually unclear whether this is the first 10 of all qualify bookings, or first 10 per route. I have asked Qatar Airways for further information and will report back in due course) and need to satisfy all the following conditions:

  • You must book by 24th February 2019,
  • Travel by 10th December 2019
  • Fly on selected routes*
  • Round trip bookings only
  • Must be booked via this link. Using the standard Qatar Airways homepage will not qualify you for the chance of upgrade.
  • The upgrade will only apply on at least one of the Frankfurt — Doha or Doha — Frankfurt leg.

*The routes are:

  • Frankfurt — Doha (flight numbers QR068 /QR067) — NB This route is only operated by A380 from 31st March 2019!
  • Frankfurt — Doha — Melbourne (QR068/QR067 plus QR904 / 905)
  • Frankfurt — Doha — Perth (QR068/QR067 plus QR900 / 901)
  • Frankfurt — Doha — Sydney (QR068/QR067 plus QR908 / 909)
  • Frankfurt — Doha — Guangzhou (QR068/QR067 plus QR874 / 875)

As the promotion has only just launched and given these restrictions, if you book today or tomorrow I would estimate your chances of scoring the upgrade to first class to be pretty good. As with most Qatar Airways promotions mentioned on this blog they do tend to disappear quickly. Such is the dedication of our readers!

You will only know whether you have been upgraded at the check-in counter for your flight or when you scan your boarding pass at the gate, so do be prepared to fly in Business Class, which isn't all that bad either! Note it will NOT be a QSuite, but the reverse herringbone type below.

Don't forget you must book via this special link.

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