Free 200 bonus Avios EVERY TIME you buy through European Avios eStores.

Effective immediately and for the next month until midnight on 31st March 2019 you can get 200 bonus Avios points for every eligible online transaction you complete through the special Avios eStore promotion pageAvios logo

Important to note that this is a Vueling promotion and not one by BA or Iberia. If you have not already got one, you need to first open a Vueling Club Account, then continue your shop above.

There is quite a large list of excluded retailers so you should check the promotion page first before you go to do your shop. This promotion applies when you use the French, Italian, Spanish and UK eStore sites. You will need to make sure your purchase is an ‘Eligible Purchase', which is defined by where at least one Avios is collected. All bonus Avios will be credited by 25 May 2019.

While you should read the terms and conditions in full, in general all hotel, travel bookings and subscription purchases are excluded from getting the bonus Avios, and if you return or cancel your order then you won't get the bonus Avios either.


  1. In reality this is proving difficult to use. The UK Avios estore is closed So I don’t see how this can work for UK residents. Any ideas?

      • Unfortunately that doesn’t work. If you enter a Vueling membership details it throws you out and if you try and create s new membership futon scrathbit just returns you to the login page. I can’t be the only person having difficulty ordering some new undies!!

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