The two BA retrojet liveries that arrived last week

Within the space of 5 days BA took delivery of two more jets with the retro liveries.


The A319 with registration G-EUPJ arrived from Shannon back to Heathrow last Monday morning. I was unable to make the event which seemed to be in much better weather than the BOAC livery reveal

This livery featured between 1959 and 1968, though to comply with modern safety regulation the plane has a grey upper wing rather than the traditional red. It is currently unknown how long this will carry this livery though judging by BA's Golden Dove livery during the run up to the London Olympics I would expect G-EUPJ to carry this paint scheme for at least 5-7 years.


And now the one I have been waiting for…

The Boeing 747 with registration G-BNLY, arrived at Heathrow on Saturday for service, coloured in the Landor design which featured between 1984-1997. The jumbo jet will keep this livery until its retirement in 2023.

The airline will be working with expert partners to identify BA’s 100 Great Britons; the people up and down the country who are currently shaping modern Britain, and of course, the year would not be complete without some special flying and moments for customers.

A couple bloggers were invited to go to the Dublin maintenance hanger to see it before delivery, but press access was not permitted for its arrival in Heathrow, save for one photographer.


There is still one more livery to go, widely rumoured to be the ‘Negus' livery with a bright red tail. This website depicts the different liveries over time for those who can't wait until the big reveal.

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