Good London Tier Point Run Fares: Helsinki, reverse or nested tickets possible, £247 – £1.54/TP. Other routes possible.

One of the most reasonable tier point run fares for those just shy of a few tier points has arisen. As a reminder, anything under £2/TP within Europe is considered exceptional (this figure becomes much lower if you go to Asia or North America)

British Airways A321 in flight G-EUXD

From London, you can pick up the following three decent fares…


£247 in March, or £1.54/TP. Or £253 in November, January or February for £1.58/TP. The below screenshot is taken from BA's Low Fare Finder and you can click here to filter to Helsinki or on the image below to be taken specifically to the Helsinki page.

Helsinki Tier Point Run Fares 2019

Helsinki is a great option as it falls within the 80TP per sector routes, and is rated one of the best airports within the list to do a turnaround. I haven't done a straight turnaround here before though having just booked myself 2 of these routes I will be able to film it and report back in October or November!


You can pick up Sofia for £253 if doing multiple nights for £1.58/TP. Otherwise if you want to restrict to one night you can buy this fare for £263 or £1.64/TP. (Click here for live Sofia pricing or click on the image below)


Sofia Tier Point Run Fares

Sofia rarely shows up in the hardcore Tier Point runner's itinerary, although it is conveniently exactly 2000 miles away from Doha which makes it a great location to start a longer journey if you are planning something more grand.


The perennial Amsterdam route can be found for £148 or £2.16/TP. While this is not the cheapest per tier point, this does have convenience and speed on your side as you can stack as many of these as you want without much restriction on turnaround times. Click here for live Amsterdam pricing or click on the image below.

Amsterdam Tier Point Run Fares

Given the very short flight times (Around 1hr 20m gate-to-gate, around 40-55mins flight time) and possibility to build your itinerary from Gatwick, you can build a Jersey hop into the equation too.

If you have never done a Tier Point Run to Amsterdam before then the below video should give you an idea of just how easy it is to do your turnaround:

If you want a bigger haul of Tier Points you will need to look wider afield, which this guide explains. But for those who just need a couple of hundred Tier Points then the above is certainly one of the best options you have, given the speed you can complete them.




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