Amazing Qatar business class fare, Cairo to USA, from £1051 / $1255

Cairo, Eygpt, is currently a hot market for business class fares. Perhaps due to dwindling tourism and political instabilities, fares right across the board on Qatar Airways' Egypt site are crazy cheap right now.

Qatar A350 XWB

Here is what I've been eyeing up for the last 20 minutes:



Please bear in mind that flights from Doha to the US are subject to the electronics ban, so you will need to check in your laptop or any electronic device bigger than a smartphone. This does not apply in the opposite direction

Currently the best prices I can find are:

Philadelphia – £1051 / $1255

Miami – £1109 / $1324

Atlanta – £1112 / $1329

New York (JFK) – £1119 / $1337

Chicago (ORD) – £1143 / $1366

If you are collecting in British Airways Executive Club, the segment between Cairo to Doha is booked into First Class ‘A' fare bucket, giving you 60 Tier Points, and since Doha to any USA destination is over 6000 miles, you will receive extra long haul rates of 160TP, giving a total of 220TP each way or 440TP for the round trip. The long haul sectors book into ‘R' bucket.

While not quite as good on the Tier Point count as the Stockholm-Asia deal a few days ago, this certainly provides a terrific deal heading over the Atlantic.

Alternatively if you are crediting to American Airlines, then you will earn 1.50 EQM for all segments and 30% EQD for Cairo-Doha and 20% EQD for Doha to USA.

With this fare you would get around 24000EQM and 3400EQD for a round trip from Cairo to USA via Doha.

American Airlines earning chart Qatar


You can book the above fares by visiting Qatar Airways' Egypt homepage, remembering 1EGP ≈ 0.043GBP ≈ 0.055USD.

See also my guides on using ITA Matrix and Google Flights to search fares effectively.

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