Amex bonus 5000MR points experiment failed. Oh well!

I'm doing everything I can to empty my Membership Rewards account before I close my account this weekend. A couple of weeks ago I booked and cancelled a flight to see whether I could still get the 5000 MR points for spending ?2500.

It didn't work, and now I have a -5000 points balance, which I'll settle by paying the ?0.015 per point cost. Not to worry, because I usually get at least that value when I redeem the points so I've come out none the worse.

Today happens to be my birthday, so there's little that can be done to dampen my mood. And because of this 4-day Easter weekend, I'm off out to enjoy a beer or two with my other half.

Tot ziens!

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  1. happy birthday.. just started reading your blog.. hoping to use your knowledge to travel in europe. Any pointers on websites for finding cheap airfare, hotels, tours in Europe? I use kayak, and priceline in the US.

    • I’ll find out in a couple of hours ,or tomorrow if they’re closed today. If it works I owe you one (and then we’ll both be on the receiving end of hate mail!)

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