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Jumbo Supermarkets in The Netherlands starts accepting AMEX

Jumbo Supermarkt in NL have started to accept AMEX cards across 150 branches. It’s a big move in a culture where it can be a taboo to even use credit cards.

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Negotiating my annual fee with American Express Netherlands

This post describes the retention offers that were made to me when I tried to cancel my American Express Netherlands Gold card.

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8000 free Membership Rewards points for Netherlands residents — American Express Gold

American Express Gold card

So having lived off a debit card in the Netherlands (shock horror!!) I’ve finally managed to get an American Express Gold charge card. You get 8000 Membership Rewards points upon sign-up without spending a single penny. (Yes this is far less than other countries, but at least it’s completely free)  

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Amex bonus 5000MR points experiment failed. Oh well!

I’m doing everything I can to empty my Membership Rewards account before I close my account this weekend. A couple of weeks ago I booked and cancelled a flight to see whether I could still get the 5000 MR points for spending ?2500. It didn’t work, and now I have a -5000 points balance, which…

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5,000 bonus AMEX Membership Reward points when spending £2500

I received an email yesterday from American Express yesterday offering 5,000 MR bonus points if I spend ?2500 in the next 3 months. Here’s the link they sent me, which requires logging into your MR account. It appears to be targetted, so check your inbox. You might not receive one, you might receive a better…

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