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How to travel with two passports

Have you recently acquired dual citizenship? Or you need to understand how to travel between countries if you hold two or more passports? This post explains how you should present your documents step-by-step.

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Beginners’ guide to the Amsterdam to Jersey British Airways tier point run – updated 2019


This post describes one of British Airways’ most famous Tier Point runs, between Jersey and Amsterdam.

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Beginners’ guide to IHG Rewards Club – updated 2019

IHG Rewards Club logo

In this post we take a look at Intercontinental Hotel Group’s “IHG Rewards Club” programme, and try to help total beginners to get up to scratch.

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How to get a second UK passport in 2019

Last updated 22nd February 2018. This post describes how to get a second UK passport if you are a frequent traveller, or travel between ‘incompatible’ countries.

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FOREX bank transfers in under 20 minutes with TransferWise.

Transferwise Logo

Transferwise is known to be the leading foreign exchange bank transfer service, but my latest transaction really did surprise me with its efficiency!

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Quicktip: British Airways 24hr cooling off period

British Airways has a generous 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period for booking tickets. You can exploit this to secure a flight while you look for another, or even check cheap business class tickets at no risk.

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Air Berlin Status Match requirements just got tighter

Air Berlin has added in an extra clause into its status match eligibility. Rather than being a global affair and enticing new customers, restrictions on location are being enforced.

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Quicktip: Don’t know where to put your miles? helps!

If you’re flying on an unfamiliar route you might need help identifying where to put your air miles. This page helps solve this need with, the place to see at a glance which airlines give the most points for any ticket

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Quicktip: Travelling around the EU? Keep your EC261 rights at hand…

The EU Commission provides a handy free app to download for when things go wrong. It is available to download on most operating systems so gets yours today.

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Status Matching – what is it all about? how to you do it?

Status Matching is the process of asking a loyalty programme to award an equivalent VIP level from a competitor. This post further describes how to do it.

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How to use Google Flights – some strategies to help you

This comprehensive instructional post guides users of all abilities on how to use Google Flights.

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US and Germany announce Reciprocal Arrangements

US CBP logo

The US CBP and German officials announce reciprocal arrangements for citizens of these countries. Instructions for registering are detailed in the post.

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My experience getting a second UK passport using the Premium Service.

Needing to get a second UK passport? Here is my experience using the UK Passport Office’s Premium Service to get his new travel document.

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Reader’s story: Revenge against American Express for removing Hilton Gold.

When a company changes things without giving any announcement, what is your reaction? Do you just accept it, or kick up a small fuss? Read about what happened when a reader took the appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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How to alter your frequent flyer number in Oneworld bookings as many times as you want

If you have membership in multiple loyalty programmes, or have status in one that’s not your primary, then you may encounter the situation where you need to be able to change the Frequent Flyer Number in your booking.

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