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Beginners’ guide to the Amsterdam to Jersey British Airways tier point run – updated 2019


This post describes one of British Airways’ most famous Tier Point runs, between Jersey and Amsterdam.

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Beginners’ guide to IHG Rewards Club – updated 2019

IHG Rewards Club logo

In this post we take a look at Intercontinental Hotel Group’s “IHG Rewards Club” programme, and try to help total beginners to get up to scratch.

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Status Matching – what is it all about? how to you do it?

Status Matching is the process of asking a loyalty programme to award an equivalent VIP level from a competitor. This post further describes how to do it.

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How to alter your frequent flyer number in Oneworld bookings as many times as you want

If you have membership in multiple loyalty programmes, or have status in one that’s not your primary, then you may encounter the situation where you need to be able to change the Frequent Flyer Number in your booking.

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Beginners’ guide to Starwood Preferred Guest

This post is part of the “Beginners’ guide to hotel points” series, and will also be duplicated as placed as a permanent page in the navigation bar above. The intended readership is for total beginners based within Europe, and highlights the most important things a beginner should know.

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Beginners’ guide to hotel points

(This post will be duplicated as a permanent page in the “Beginner’s guide” tab at the top.) Introduction: As a beginner in loyalty programmes it sometimes seems understanding your way through the different schemes can be utterly bewildering with the amount of information to absorb. But if there’s one I want to put forward: If you’re…

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Writing the beginners’ guide

I’ve started working on a beginners’ guide which I’ve linked to the header bar at the near the top of every page. This will be my main focus for the next week. If other interesting things pop up in the meantime I’ll write about it too. I realise that many will be familiar with what…

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Understanding and avoiding the UK’s Air Passenger Duty

I feel like I’m penalised by the UK’s Government every time I fly out of the country. Why? Air Passenger Duty. It applies to nearly everyone who flies from the UK.

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