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The Complete British Airways Tier Point Runs Guide, 2019 Edition

The best BA Tier Point runs will oven get over 1000 TP for less than £1 per Tier Point. But how do you go about finding them? This post gives more details.

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How to use Google Flights – some strategies to help you

This comprehensive instructional post guides users of all abilities on how to use Google Flights.

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Catch me on CNN Business Traveller

CNN Mileage Run Hawaii

In case you need convincing that mileage running is crazy, then you should watch this month’s Business Traveller by CNN where I document my recent run from London to Hawaii and back in a few days.

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OUTSTANDING BA Club World Sales for £1007. TP Runs galore.

British Airways has an incredible Christmas Sale for 2014, to coincide with Black Friday. These are truly outstanding Tier Point Run opportunities.

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Fantastic BA tier point run fare, LAS-SJU €289 one-way. Potentially €0.723/TP

American Airlines “instant upgrade” fares are an amazingly cheap source of British Airways Tier Points (TP). You see, the British Airways way of elite qualification disproportionately favours those who buy Business and First class fares, rather than those who fly economy class. (Which business wouldn’t?!).  

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