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Listen to my interview on the Nomad Capitalist Podcast

I had the pleasure to chat with Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist for his podcast last month. I never thought in my wildest imaginations I would be invited to be a guest on his podcast though.

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UK Visa and Immigration to charge just to email them!

UK Visas and Immigrations just started to charge you just to even EMAIL them! This post also describes my experience and how the quality of service does not justify this fee.

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7 Ways British Airways and Alex Cruz have trashed their own brand

British Airways have gotten just about everyone, including their own staff, angry in recent years. See how they have done their best to trash their own brand.

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HAPPENING NOW! Heathrow baggage system failure, T3 and T5

London Heathrow is being affected by baggage conveyor systems at Terminals 3 and 5. See what options you have before you travel.

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Goodbye Roaming Charges in Europe! Starts tomorrow

Mobile roaming charges are set to be abolished tomorrow. This issue has caused much grief to users in the past and will certainly be welcome by the people of the continent.

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Introducing our collaboration with Pointimize, free Diamond Subscription

Points to be Made and Pointimize are partnering up to allow readers to search through award redemption options while being able to find blog posts relevant to their search.

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World’s Shortest International Flight Getting Axed

The world’s shortest flight between St. Gallen – Altenrhein, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany will stop next week. What options are left now?

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Digital Nomad Journal #2: Fresh off the boat, HelpX and Iceland

The next installment of the Digital Nomad Journal. Hopping onto the ferry and heading to our first destination.

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Digital Nomad Journal: #1 – The Ruminations

Tim posts about the thoughts that ran through his head when deciding to pack up and become a Digital Nomad.

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FINAL CHANCE: Diamond Club closing TODAY! Transfer your Avios.

Today is the final day of the old BMI Diamond Club, so if you have any Avios still left in those accounts you will need to transfer them out.

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Reminder: Transfer your Diamond Club Avios out of your account!

This is a remind for readers to transfer their remaining Avios out of their Diamond Club accounts, and to book tickets with their 10% discount vouchers.

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British Airways credit card fee is changing. 1% flat fees introduced.

British Airways logo

In another move to generate ancillary revenue, the British Airways credit card fee will change from £5 per booking to 1%. This will impact anyone who buys tickets over £500.

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Amazon Prime free trial, watch The Grand Tour

Amazon logo

Amazon Prime Free Trial is a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming Black Friday sales, as well as watching The Grand Tour at no cost.

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Going to World Travel Market London next week? Let me know!

World Travel Market London starts next week and no doubt people are going through the list of thousands of attendees to see who is going. I will be attending as on a Press badge on all three days, so will no doubt enjoy all the fun and actions over the whole event. If you are…

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FOREX bank transfers in under 20 minutes with TransferWise.

Transferwise Logo

Transferwise is known to be the leading foreign exchange bank transfer service, but my latest transaction really did surprise me with its efficiency!

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