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Quicktip: Generating extra Flying Blue segments and miles by train

Did you know you can use book trains on airline tickets to save money and generate extra mileage and segments?

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Travelling by train in Netherlands is set to become more expensive for tourists, but here’s a workaround

The Dutch Railways will soon implement a change that will see nearly every tourist’s ticket rise by €1 per journey. How do you bypass this change? Read on…

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NS Group tickets extended until 31st March 2014

As the clock struck midnight last night I had wondered what the fate of the NS Group ticket would be.

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Exploiting the NS Group Ticket. €7 day return to anywhere within NL!

NS Group tickets are by far the cheapest and most efficient way of travelling around The Netherlands by train. At €7 for a return day ticket to ANYWHERE in NL, it is incredibly difficult to get greater value for money.

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