Decent Tier Point run fare, £647 (£1.8/TP), Kuwait to Bangkok via Sri Lanka. Travel by December 2019.

If you're looking to head towards Asia and need to pick up a few tier points, then Sri Lankan Airlines can offer some interesting fares for tier point running.

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The Deal

You will need to start at Kuwait City, connect in Colombo, Sri Lanka and then onwards to Bangkok, Thailand. There is a pretty narrow window of opportunity though, as outbound travel must start by 10th December 2019, but there is a maximum 3 month stay permissible and no minimum.

At this price you are looking at around £1.8 per tier point which is a very strong earning rate if you follow my guide to planning tier point runs.

You can dig around for the fare on Skyscanner, but make sure you book your travel before 10th December 2019.

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  1. Hi Tim!
    Congratulations for Blog and Guide.
    I am Brazilian and I have learned here how get Gold from 0 to 1500 TP this year.
    Now I am thinking about if I will reach one more time…
    Just to double check: it will be 140+40+140+40=360? because CMB BKK is 40 isn’t it?

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