The most expensive price per mile I have paid.

Company policies are often strange, especially when they try to capture all scenarios with one rule.

In my previous job, staff were only permitted full fare (Y bucket) economy class seats on the Amsterdam to Norwich route on KLM. Typically 20-30 people would fly that route every day.

I cannot remember the exact price I paid but it was approximately €1200 for 298 miles round trip, pricing out at around €4/mile. Compare this with mileage run fares of around €0.03/mile. Also compare it to a typical mid-level economy class tickets of about €300 booked 1-2 weeks in advance. You would need to change each ticket around 3 times to break even on the full fare ticket. In my opinion no-one in the company using that route was senior or expensive enough to warrant flexibility at that price – not even the big boss.

AMS-NWI mileage


The flight time is usually around 40 minutes, so KLM only serves pre-packaged water and a biscuit. No time for a cup of tea!

So in my attempt to maximise the value of the flight I have at least tried to make a quick video out of it. Here it is.

Next time I may suggest the company pre-purchases some air miles and spend those instead!

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