Free AwardWallet Plus upgrades!

I was very fortunate to bump into Alexi Vereschaga, the creator of AwardWallet, over the weekend. I asked if he could donate something to the readers of Points to be Made, and he's very kindly agreed!


I pretty much swear by AwardWallet as it tracks my points and alerts me of the changes to any of my balances. This video they created on Youtube is a pretty swanky and succinctly sums up what they do.

The main part that I really live off is the mileage expiration notices, which you wouldn't get if you had the standard account. So far I've paid for every upgrade when I needed to and have never been disappointed.

If you've never held AwardWallet Plus before, you can try it out free of charge for 6 months by using this link and using the coupon code “pointstobemade“. There's no limit to the amount of times this code is used, so why don't you sign up all your family members whilst you're at it? Here is my referral link which I hope you will consider using.

I've also been given 20 vouchers for those who have already had an upgrade to AwardWallet Plus before, as the previous code won't work on their accounts. To receive one, just leave a comment in this post below, and make sure to include your email address so I can get back to you.  [Update: Sorry, all 20 codes have now been distributed!]

Please don't request a code if you're eligible to use the “pointstobemade” code from before!

One advance bit of notice…since new commenters have to have their first comment moderated (to help eliminate spambots), this won't show until I've accepted it. So to readers who have posted before, you might suddenly find a comment ‘jump' ahead of you. I will be issuing all 20 codes on a first-come first-served basis, whether or not your comment required moderation.

Thanks Alexi!

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  1. A generous idea. I read your blog regularly – many thanks for the excellent info.
    I live in London and California. Unfortunately your Email arrived during the night here in San Diego, so I was unable to respond quickly enough. For the future, please consider informing us at a time of day which will reach as many as possible. Thanks.

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