Get up to 18000 Avios subscribing to The Economist

This promotion has appeared in a few guises before and this time isn't that different either. The sign up bonus this time round isn't quite as generous but still OK nonetheless. You can take advantage of the promotion using this link.

It is worth pointing out that if you are not a resident of the UK or do not fly BA or Iberia frequently, this is one of the rare occasions where you can get so many Avios in a short period of time. While it may not be worth getting the subscription purely for the purpose of Avios, it's still cheaper than actually flying to earn it!

Currency arbitrage

Depending on your chosen ‘territory', you are presented with two price ranges.

For GBP denominated

  • 15000 Avios bonus. Print or digital only – £179  — 1.193p per Avios.
  • 18000 Avios bonus. Print and digital – £215 — 1.194p per Avios.

For EUR denominated.

  • 15000 Avios bonus. Print or digital only – €275 (equivalent to £254 — 1.693p per Avios.)
  • 18000 Avios bonus. Print and digital – €325 (equivalent to £301 — 1.672p per Avios.)

So based on the above figures, if you live in the EU, maybe it's worth seeing if you have a friend's address you could ‘borrow'.

Business expenses

It could be worth noting that The Economist is probably a valid business expense for many of you, so speak to your employer before subscribing, in case they might consider reimbursing you. In which case – “quids in!”

If you are a business owner it's also worth noting the UK does not levy VAT on printed magazines but levies 20% on those which include a digital subscription. Most other EU countries levy between 5-9% for printed material and 20-25% on digital subscriptions. Note that VAT on digital products is calculated using the rates where you are resident so you will need to click offer link, and when you arrive at The Economist's site you need to change the country in the top right to get your final prices.

Non-EU residents do not pay VAT though this may not alter the total price The Economist charges!

Terms and conditions

Key terms and conditions, but full terms here:

  • Offer valid for new subscribers only.
  • Bonus Avios will be deposited to your account within 28 days.
  • Sign up by 30 September 2019
  • If you are an EU resident you can cancel your subscription within 14 days, but you will forfeit the bonus Avios.

Sign up bonus link is here (you must log in with your BAEC details).

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  1. I have found that the Economist are happy to change the delivery address with a simple email to anywhere in the world (Ghana, Botswana) without charging extra. So sign up wherever is cheapest, then change your delivery address.

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