Great Deal: 2p per Avios for “Part Pay With Avios”, until Tuesday 12th February 2019.

I found out about this one a bit later than I hoped – forgive me!

Until 12th February 2019 you will get £100 off a return long haul flight when you redeem 5000 Avios. You will need to travel by 30th June 2019. The official page for this promotion can be accessed here, although no registration is required, and you should be able to book via the normal British Airways page.

This will only work for British Airways marketed AND operated flights in World Traveller or World Traveller Plus, with the exception of these destinations (I have no idea why these routes are excluded):

  • Algeria,
  • Morocco,
  • Nigeria and
  • St Petersburg in Russia.

The Analysis

The normal Part Pay with Avios rate is 14,500 Avios for £90, which is 0.62p per Avios value. Therefore to redeem 5000 Avios for £100 is 2p per Avios and therefore over 3x the usual rate which is a VERY good deal, so long as you are happy to fly in economy or premium economy classes.

The interesting thing here is that the discount is per person so you and some friends, up to a maximum of 9 people per booking, can save a total of £900. This also works as a one-way ticket by redeeming 2500 Avios for £50.

You will also earn Avios and Tier Points as per usual as this is NOT a normal redemption ticket. This will mean you earn back some of the Avios and your total outlay will be a little less than the 5000 Avios required for this promotion. To find out how many Avios and Tier Points you will earn, use the official British Airways calculator.

Once again, the link to the promotion here.

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