Italy to the Americas in Premium Economy with Oneworld starting from €703/$767

A considerable amount of airports in the American continents are available for an outstanding fare from the major airports in Italy with either Iberia or British Airways.

Note that not all the destinations are available from all the origins mentioned for the fare quoted below, although the exceptions are quite few.

So far this is what we could find:

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Catania, Milan, Rome, Naples, Venice

Connection airport: Madrid or London

Destination airport:

  • Bogota €900
  • Buenos Aires €995
  • Caracas€927
  • Boston €722
  • Calgary €917
  • Cancun €874
  • Chicago €737
  • Dallas €880
  • Denver €880
  • Houston €744
  • Lima €890
  • Los Angeles €790
  • Mexico City €889
  • Montreal €849
  • Miami €754
  • New York €710
  • Panama City €742
  • Philadelphia €783
  • San Jose, CR. €825
  • Santo Domingo €798
  • São Paulo €978
  • Tampa €878
  • Toronto €703
  • Vancouver €902
  • Washington D.C. €817

Book here with BA or Iberia

Dates you can travel

Very limited availability for this fares in between February and July 2020.

There is in general a minimum stay of 3 days and a maximum stay of 12 months.

Book here with BA or Iberia

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