Reintroduction of Global Entry for UK citizens this November?

Since getting Global Entry last year, I've noticed my arrivals in the USA have become much more tolerable (could I go as far as saying…fun?!). I've hardly had to anticipate any worries due to the automated kiosks, and I also get PreCheck when flying within and out of the States.

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Though it was never intended that way, after the sign up for UK citizens got withdrawn back in December 2013, my post on how to get the revered ‘promotion code' started to act as a waiting list for those who missed out. The list is still getting longer and I'm delighted to see there's still an active interest for us Pommies.

I stumbled across this Government Digital Service blog about the UK's Registered Traveller Scheme. Since its trial allowed US citizens to use the e-passport gates normally reserved for EEA Citizens, I had long hoped that this would rekindle the reciprocal agreements needed to allow Global Entry for UK citizens.

There is an interesting comment by the moderator posted just last week:


[Carrie Barclay – 11th August 2015] A service called “Register to apply for US Global Entry” will be launched later in the year which will enable British Citizens to then obtain Global Entry membership. We cannot confirm a commencement date yet but we will provide an update in early November. Thanks

Short of a fixed start date that sounds pretty official and promising to me, so I've set a reminder in my calendar for early November to check back on their page. In the meantime, if you're still interested in getting GE, I suggest leaving your details and a comment on the waiting list, so when the scheme re-launches I can send an email to everyone who requested it.

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  1. My significant other is Dutch, I read they are allowed to sign up for global entry. Although, it is through an eu site but either way it’s global entry. Will I get refunded if it’s through an eu site?

      • Oops I haven’t answered your question! If you are Dutch you will need to buy Privium as a prerequisite to get GE, and if you are British then you do not. Therefore if you are British and also have Privium you won’t get a refund if you cite GE as a reason.

  2. Please could you add me to your notification list as I would be really interested in applying for Global Entry whenever it is made available. Thanks

  3. Please could you add me to your notification list as I would be really interested in applying for Global Entry whenever it is made available. Thanks

  4. Please add me to your notification/waiting list too – and thanks for your efforts. I look forward to hopefully spending many fewer hours of my life waiting for US immigration in the near future!


    • The strict wording is that non-US citizens can get it if you are a permanent resident. I’m guessing if you’re on a work visa you’re not a permanent resident? If so then you will need to wait until the site gets up and running

  5. Can’t wait – after 2.5 hours waiting at Houston last month this can’t come soon enough. Please let me know when UK Citizens can apply

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