Some exciting news about PTBM, and more prizes for the epic giveaway

When I published my first post just last month, I had a vision that this blog would serve as a key resource for European travellers. I wondered what instrument of influence I would use to spread the knowledge of points.

And I think I've struck gold.


Like most air miles collectors my frequent-flying hero is Randy Petersen. Over the last week we've been in touch and today I'm delighted to announce that Points to be Made will be the newest BoardingArea blog!

So for the next couple of weeks there'll be a migration process as PTBM settles into its new home. I'm really excited about this opportunity as it hosts some of my favourite and most widely-read blogs about frequent travel and loyalty programmes.

And to kick things off with Randy, he's very kindly donated some extra prizes for my competition, which is still running.

3 prizewinners can now win a BoardingArea polo shirt or T-shirt (you can choose which you'd prefer!):

And each of those three prizewinner will win a $10USD Starbucks gift card.

Just remember to enter the competition before it closes at 22:00hrs GMT (23:00hrs CET) on Monday 25th February 2013


Good luck!



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