Spanish Airports to the US in Premium Economy with Oneworld starting from €586/$661

Some pretty amazing premium economy fares have been released from Spain to the United States the usual Oneworld joint venture airlines (American Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, Finnair).

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia.

Connecting airport: London Heathrow, Dallas Fort Worth, Madrid.

Destination airport:

  • Atlanta €957/$1,060
  • Austin €747/$828
  • Boston* €597/661
  • Charlotte €978/$1,083
  • Chicago* €675/$748
  • Dallas €930/$1,030
  • Denver €1,029/$1,140
  • Detroit €987/$1,093
  • Fort Lauderdale €745/$825
  • Houston €1,020/$1,130
  • Las Vegas €924/$1,024
  • Los Angeles* €753/$834
  • Miami* €778/$862
  • Minneapolis €992/$1099
  • New Orleans €953/$1,055
  • New York* €613/$679
  • Orlando €921/$1020
  • Philadelphia €788/$873
  • Pittsburgh €976/$1,081
  • San Diego €1,023/$1,123
  • San Francisco €842*/$933
  • San Jose €740/$820
  • Salt Lake City €1,082/$1,199
  • Stamford €639*/$708
  • Tampa €1,001/$1,109
  • Washington €730/$809

Available for all the previously listed origins at that fare*

Book here with Iberia or British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair, or Skyscanner)

Dates you can travel

There seems to be a plenty availability to choose from 13th January – March 2020. After that usually just a few dates available at this fare.

The usual minimum appears to be in most cases six days and a maximum of 12 months. An advanced purchase of 14 days is also required.

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