United States and Puerto Rico to Europe in Premium Economy with Iberia starting from $864/€785

Decent fares coming from the US and Puerto Rico to travel to Europe in Premium Economy

So far this is what we could find:

Where can I go?

Starting airport: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Juan

Connecting airports: Madrid

Destination airport:

  • Barcelona $891
  • Berlin $997
  • Brussels $1,080
  • Dublin $1,058
  • Geneva $955
  • Frankfurt $1,013
  • Lisbon $944
  • Madrid $864
  • Milan $919
  • Munich $1,006
  • Palma $936
  • Paris $969
  • Porto $942
  • Rome $927
  • Venice $919
  • Zurich $963

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Dates you can travel

Limited availability between February and March 2020. These fares also allow a stopover in Madrid

There is a minimum stay of 7 days and a maximum stay of 12 months.

Book here with Iberia


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  1. Puerto Rico is part of the US. Suggest rewording to something like “Contiguous United States and Puerto Rico” or Mainland United States and Puerto Rico.” Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yeah we’re aware, but it’s similar how we say UK /Europe. We don’t get many characters in a headline to satisfy political correctness! As long as people know where the airfare starts then that is good enough for us.

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