USA’s Global Entry now extended to UK and German citizens

Edit: New applications for Global Entry for UK citizens are closed effective 4th December 2013

Hurrah! Finally a USA travel policy that actually benefits me! Just over a week ago, it was officially announced that it would be extended to British, German, Korean and Qatari citizens.

If you're a Dutch citizen, you would have already been eligible for USA's Global Entry scheme, which allows you to fast-track through immigrations queues from international arrivals by using their automated kiosks. I've lost count of the amount of hours I've wasted in USA airports lining up at passport control.

I won't cover the Korean or Qatari requirements, but to sign up there are the following pre-requisites:

  • Dutch Citizens, you need to have joined FLUX;
  • UK Citizens, you need to have completed a UK ACPO background check;
  • German Citizens: You need to be a member of ABG Plus

After completing the pre-requisites you can apply for Global Entry here and you will need to pay the $100 application fee, then have an interview at one of the Enrollment Centers. It'll only be after all the interview will you find out if your application has been successful, though unless you have a criminal record you are unlikely to be rejected.

Like most deals or purchases, you need to work out whether the amount of hours saved in queuing is actually worth your $100 plus all other expenses related to your application (easily can go over $200), but I can imagine it might benefit you most if you are a Tier Point runner (someone who does mileage runs for British Airways status) or if you travel to USA around 3+ or 4+ per year.

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  1. […] The reality is that it is only at proposal stage, with negotiations amongst the different host countries yet to take place. It may be a while yet, but given the bromance and courtship dances the EU and US make, I expect this to be given the all-clear. Let’s just hope they can also extend pre-clearance to the expansion of participating Global Entry citizenships. […]


  1. The yearly costs of having GE as a Dutch citizen are almost €200 on top of those initial costs. So unless you can have someone else pay, not such a good deal for most.

    It’s crap that we should have to pay as much to prove ourselves trustworthy.

      • Tim,
        The GES website doesn’t have any info on UK citizens being admitted, as far as I can find, and your reply to Email Larry Panetta doesn’t sound as if it’s a universal arrangement to allow all citizens to apply.
        I’m BA Silver (have been Gold for a number of years before that). Will this help.
        After waiting for more than 2 hours the other day at DFW whilst only four lanes were open to non-US passport holders, mostly from Asia, I can’t wait to get the necessary approval for my 6-7 visits each year.

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