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For two weeks Amazon are running their Black Friday sales. It's a relatively new ‘tradition' here in the UK and Europe but it's been a major thing in the US for ages, as it gives those stocking up on Christmas gifts the chance to nab them for a bargain.

The Grand Tour promo poster


Until yesterday Amazon were doing a reduced offer to join Prime but unfortunately I missed that due to being airborne for the last few days. I did, however, notice their rather interesting 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime.

As with most free trials these days, it is set up to automatically bill you at the end of the trial, so if you are dead set on NOT using it afterward you should cancel your subscription immediately after joining. You will still benefit from the 30 days of trial with no risk of being charged afterwards. In which case you should order as many items as you can and use the free 1-day delivery until your heart's content.

A compelling reason to sign up for most British TV enthusiasts may be eager to see is the return of the inimitable Jeremy Clarkson, whose contract with Top Gear lapsed due to a ‘fracas' with one of its producers. As Richard Hammond and James May also left, they went to Amazon to start their new series The Grand Tour. Since there is a new episode out every Friday, if you time your subscription carefully you can get 5 new episodes plus all the pre-released ones.

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