Avios flies woman on bucket list trip to Grenada… but not Granada!

Dear oh dear… how many more people will this catch out! The BBC reports of a woman who had been suffering from cancer and decided to use her Avios to see the Moorish architectural gem that is Alhambra Palace in the south of Spain.

But only in mid air was she informed that she was not headed for Granada in Spain, but on the flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada.


Though I've put LGW in the graphic, British Airways fly to Granada, Spain from London City Airport.

It's not entirely clear who made the mistake, Avios or the protagonist, but she did get her Avios and money refunded, and extra points for compensation for the inconvenience. (My guess is Avios' fault!)

But in any case she did get lots of champagne, a free return flight, 6 hours in the lounge at Grenada (GND) and a souvenir stamp in her passport!


The BBC claims that though she had spotted “Grenada” on her ticket before her flight, she had though “that maybe that's how they spell it in Spain, because sometimes foreign countries and places are spelt differently”.

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