BoardingArea is looking for more bloggers!

Our frequently flying hero Randy Petersen is on the lookout again!


If you've got an interesting idea for a new blog, you should take a look at this page which describes what support BoardingArea offers.

One big highlight will be the BoardingArea Conference which will take place in Las Vegas this September. Most of the Boarding Area bloggers will go and you can get chatting to your heroes!

If you want further information about BoardingArea, or have an idea you want to get feedback on before you submit your request, you can always email me: and I can advise whether your idea has a good chance of being spotted on Randy's radar. Bear in mind I'm not Randy so I could be totally wrong!

About Tim

Tim is a Chartered Engineer and a typical nerd who analyses every travel deal, travel hack. He has travelled to around 90 countries and also speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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  1. I just come around your site a few weeks back, and i am really exited about all the info i can get, one new blog idea could be information regarding travellers in Latinamerica. Most Frequent Flyer tips or products are only valid in the US. As a miles freak it has been very hard to get elite level from venezuela. Only citibank offers a credit cards that earns miles, no bank has offers with hotels. I am preparing a post for november on how newbies can use their miles, after saving airlines miles and hotel points for 8 years i could book a 3 week honeymoon just on rewards.

    • I hear your pain about outside-USA miles activities. You need to think “how will my new blog be uniquely mine” considering the many other blogs which do the same thing. It’s always best to have a few posts written out to show to the BoardingArea staff.

      You might even consider writing it in Spanish!

  2. Given that MOST newer blogs add virtually zero unique perspectives, I’m convinced this has become all about quantity over quality. No surprises Randy is looking to add more to his bottom line

    • I don’t see much growth potential for a new blog which doesn’t offer a unique perspective. Their success is fairly self-selecting in that respect.

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