British Airways £100 each way long haul fares – noon GMT every day this week!

Well, apologies for getting this one out a bit late… let's call it a late night shall we 😉 ?

Every day this week at noon (12:00 GMT) two mystery British Airways destinations are released for sale at the neat sum of £100 each way, or £200 return, all taxes and surcharges included. Economy class of course. This is in celebration of their 100 years of operations, which also involves painting a 747 Jumbo Jet in original livery as the picture shows above.

These are real reductions in the fare bucket and not subject to any unfair restrictions. You even get a checked baggage if you want! If rumour is to be believed then these fares are also upgradable using Avios, as it books into M class, with a fare basis of £0.50 each way! However, the travel dates are quite narrow. Your outbound travel needs to take place between 25th Feb – 22nd March 2019 and you must return by 29th March 2019.

The offer page says destinations to North America, Africa and South America will be available. Today's destinations were New York and Cape Town. While I'm a bit ‘meh' by New York because its fares were typically £240 prior to this flash sale, Cape Town really does impress as it is a long way to travel for that price. It even just creeps into the ultra-long haul earning range. So on a return route you can earn 80 Tier Points 6020 Avios back before counting in elite status bonuses.

I genuinely have no idea what other cities will be available for the rest of this week, and how many of these discounted fares are released each day. The South America ones would be fantastic for the price per mile flown aspect, but you may also be lucky and get a fare that you were going to fly anyway.

As this deal is very popular with the ‘mass market', this has so far caused very heavy clogging of and people are being notified of tickets being sold out halfway through their payment stage. So act early but do not have too high hopes of getting the fare until you see your e-ticket number in your inbox.

The offer page once again. Check back tomorrow to see what destinations are available. I'll be logging in around 11:30 to see if any fares are pre-loaded.



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